Colonel Tris was watching with the monitor the fight of Star-Princess and Colonel
Chris in the bridge of battleship-Chomolungma located at the center of the globular
formation of the earth fleet. And she became not to be able to be calm about the
colleague's super-close battle.
' Marshal Gohojo! The pilot of their spaceship is helping Star-Princess skillfully. On the
other hand, Chris has to control the rush rocket by herself. So that's unfair! I'll fight together. '

Colonel Tris stood up from the seat. Marshal Gohojo was surprised a little, and said.
' Piyo-Rina robots of Piyo-Piyo navy are aiding Chris. And, if you make a sortie, the
fleet headquarters becomes undermanned! '
' Because we haven't made peace formally with the Piyo-Piyo navy yet, we cannot hope for
 enough support of them. And for the member of the headquarters, please call Colonel Morris
from the transporter-Andes! '

Saying so, Colonel Tris began to run toward the hangar of the rush rockets without
waiting for the answer of Marshal Gohojo.
' Colonel Tris! Could you take me? '
Poporin whose fighting spirit was uplifted offered to go with Colonel Tris.
' I'm the member of the Earth Defending Force, so I cannot keep looking without
doing nothing! '
Colonel Tris was surprised a little. But she made her synthetic voice to be a
natural tone as well as possible and answered.
' OK, Poporin. Let's go together! Do you have a photon energy saber? '
' I have only a tachyon particle pistol. '
' Good! That's a powerful weapon enough. '
Also while Colonel Tris and Poporin are running toward the hangar of the
rush rockets, the fierce battle of Star-Princess and Colonel Chris continues.
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