Just above the cabin of Comet, Star-Princess and Colonel Chris are fighting
' The accelerator is turned on! The princess of Horai-city! Are you ready? '
Colonel Chris diagonally turned the nose of rush rocket from the traveling
direction, and she made rush rocket slide to the front of Star-Princess.
Then leaning out of rush rocket, Colonel Chris hit Star-Princess repeatedly
with the photon energy saber.
Rush-rocket and Comet kept their position of each other. And they began
to make their arms collide at terrible high-speed accurately.
I-19 who is operating the control stick in the cockpit noticed that the fight
of Star-Princess and Colonel Chris became a super-close combat. And, he
was not able to leave and talked to Star-Princess with the radio.
' Princess!! Are you all right? Please order something to me. I can hit this
android of the earth with the nose of Comet!! '
' No thank you, I-19. I need no aid. Now please concentrate your attention
on making Comet go straight! '
' I understand! '
So that Star-Princess should not stagger because of acceleration to horizontal
direction, I-19 firmly grasped the control stick again.
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