When Colonel Chris and Star-Princess began to fight severely, Comet on
which Star-Princess stands started a combat maneuver to the right and
the left, and up and down.
' WOOOOW!! '
' Major Usapi, are you all right?! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu tried to catch Major Usapi who was dashed out from the
seat by the violent movement of Comet. But Yu also began to fly up and down
in the cabin.
' Piyo! I'm scared...... '
Crying Piyo-Rina came into the cabin from the door of the freight room.
' Yu......Yu! For a long time, I thought you to be like my real family, pyon. I'll guard
you without fail, pyon!! '
' Thank you, Major Usapi. I think the same about you.... By the way, both Star-
Princess and Colonel Chris are friends of us. Then, cannot we make them stop
fighting? '
' Oh, yes! Yu, let's consider in a hurry, pyon! '
When they were talking among the terrible flash caused by the interplay of the
gravity sword of Star-Princess and the photon energy saber of Colonel Chris,
Hazzan rushed into the cabin from the door of the cockpit.
' Attention please, passengers! Now Comet is under combat. Everyone, please
fasten your seat belt.
The armor of the cabin can endure being bombarded enough. And in the
emergency, this cabin itself becomes an ejection-capsule. Piyo-Rina, this cabin
might be a little too small for you, but please stay in this cabin. '
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