' The splendid space soldiers! I guess that you are so famous soldiers. Could
you introduce yourself? '
The built-in radio of Colonel Chris who was approaching Comet with the rush
rocket received the beautiful calm voice, at the frequency not usually used.
' ....... Who? Who calls me? '
' Your blow was quite splendid. '
Colonel Chris noticed that the calling voice is the person who crossed swords
little while ago. Holding the photon energy saber, she stood up on the seat of
the rush rocket.
' I am Chris! The glorious 1st Chris-Class android. The serial number is 000001.
Belonging to the earth fleet headquarters. Strategy staff. The class is a Colonel!

With Piyo-Rina No.6 and No.8 of the Piyo-Piyo space Navy, I'm intercepting
the suspicious spaceship of you which rushes into the combat area.

..... And, who are you? '
' The 27th generation of admiral Star,
 Star-Princess of Horai-City. '

The dignified voice of the princess of the legend was clearly received by
the radio of both the earth fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet.
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