' The Horai-City!! Does that really exist?........ '
In the bridge of the space-battleship Chomolungma which is the flagship of the
earth fleet, Marshal Gohojo and others are looking at the image sent from the
built-in camera of Colonel Chris, with the huge all-surrounding screen.
' Wow?! She is a very dignified princess, but what is Horai-City? '
Poporin turned large eyes round and round and inclined his head. Marshal Gohojo
looked at him, and answered.
' I had heard the legend for a long time before.... In about the 25th century,
Admiral Star who was the general of the space naval forces seceded the
fleet, for the peace and freedom, with battleship Horai. After 10 years since the
correspondence stopped, the space naval forces decided that the ship had
sunk, sticking to the rules.....
Afterwards, the rumor that the crew of the battleship built a peaceful town
somewhere in this solar system, and are living calmly now had spread deep
Until I saw this image, I also thought that it's only a legend. '
' Then, this person - Star-Princess - is an ally of the earth, isn't she? Pen? '
 Lieutenant general Pender who had come to battleship Chomolungma by the
teleport for the cooperation of Piyo-Rina No.6 and No.8 and Colonel Chris
was surprised and asked.
' Certainly, she might be an earthling's descendant. But it seems that she is
not our ally. '
Looking at the keen eyes of Star-Princess who was displayed on the screen,
 Marshal Gohojo answered.
Junko was shocked to see the images of the battle of Colonel Chris and Star-
' That sword crushed the main gun bullets of the battleship, and stopped the
photon-energy saber.... Where does that sword have such a huge energy? '
Hearing Junko's talking, Marshal Gohojo noticed something.
' This is......... a kind of the gravity weapon. The mass of the edge is huge, and the
mass of the grip is small for her to be able to operate freely. The mass of the
sword seems to be controlled freely. That has only the size of a sword..... But,
that has a surprising technology! '
' If our Piyo-Piyo fleet get the technology..... we'll start the gravity power
generation. And the self-support of energy will become possible, pen. If we can
do so, we don't have to fight with the earth fleet, pen! '
Lieutenant general Pender flapped both hands which are like the wings, and said.
' I see. Colonel Tris, was this talking sent to Colonel Chris? '
' Colonel Chris's reception was confirmed. She says that she'll try to contact. '
 Colonel Tris who is the 2nd Chris-Class android answered, and Maeshal Gohojo
nodded briefly. Then he looks at the screen again.
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