The combat foemation of Colonel Chris and Piyo-Rina No.6 and No.8 has
approached Comet. Then, they made one-line formation of which Colonel
Chris is the head, and began to dash.
' Princess, they come!! '
' I-19, keep our course! Prepare for the impact!! '
At the moment when they pass each other, Colonel Chris shook down the
photon energy saber, and Star-Princess stopped the edge of the saber with
the gravity sword which is set to the maximum antigravity mode. A dazzling
flash and the shock wave were radiated to all surrounding.
' That's an excellent swordsmanship! This earth soldier seems to have a
considerably good skill. '
The combat formation of Colonel Chris passed by the Comet in a blistering
speed, and turned making a large circle. Then they approached Comet to
attack again.
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