' Mr. I-19, 3 objects are coming here! '
' Wow!? Isn't they cannonballs this time? '
In the cockpit of Comet, I-19 and Hazzan noticed the approach of Colonel
Chris and others.
' Hazzan, please analyze their war potentials at once. '
' Yes sir! '
Hazzan in the copilot seat dexterously moves the manipulator, and analyzes
Colonel Chris and Piyo-Rina No.6 and No.8 with the observational equipment
of Comet.
'...... 2 machines of the 3 objects are the Piyo-Piyo robots who are the same
type as Piyo-Rina. The central machine seems to be a speedboat of the earth
naval forces....... '
Suddenly, the alarm began to sound noisily in the cockpit.
' Oh! That's a serious situation!! '
' Hazzan, what happened?! '
I-19 was surprised at Hazzan who began to shake his body, and asked.
' The computer of Comet judged them to be so strong, and began to light the
warning lights!! Sir, it's very dangerous! '
' Never panic. ...... Princess, did you hear that? It seems that the Earth fleet
sent us the strong space warrior! '
Star-Princess who is displayed in the outboard camera also perceived the
signs of Colonel Chris and others. Holding the gravity sword, she is watching
one point forward of Comet.
' I see..... Let's go, I-19 and Hazzan. Please do your best! '
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