' Marshal Gohojo, I'll make a sortie with the rush rocket! '
Marshal Gohojo who was observing the approach of the unknown flying object
 in the bridge of battleship Chomolungma which is the flagship of the earth fleet
 heard the sortie application of Colonel Chris who is the strategy staff, and was
 a little surprised. then he turned around.
' Wow!! Although I know that you are a great user of the photon-energy saber....
You are the strategy staff of this fleet. The risk of your sword-battle is too high
 for us! '
Colonel Chris looked straight at anxious Marshal Gohojo, and said.
' The defense of the fleet is my duty at all..... Moreover, only the small rush rocket
can confront their high mobile power and arms. Marshal Gohojo, please let me go! '

' Hm..... I see. '
After considering for a while, Marshal Gohojo nodded.

The rush rocket is a small spaceship for one person which the space naval forces
 developed. Colonel Chris with a long military record jumped onto one of the rush
rockets which are queued up in the hangar, in operation accustomed. And, she
left the catapult at once.
' Colonel Chris, can you hear me? This is Tris. '
Soon after Colonel Chris started into the space, her built-in radio received the
communication from Colonel Tris who is her colleague.
' The unknown flying object still approaches us straightly at high speed. Although
they skillfully prevent our cannonball, they aren't attacking us. But we don't
know their purposes. Please be careful enough!
By the way, the Piyo-Piyo Navy says that they will launch the Piyo-Rina-class
combat robot No.6 and No.8 to support you. Perhaps, they are trying to scout...
Soon, they will meet you. '
' I see. '
Colonel Chris who joined Piyorena No.6 and No.8 advances toward Star-
Princess and the Comet who are still approaching the center of the fleet,
gradually accelerating all together.
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