' The cannonball vanished!! '
Colonel Tigris who had been observing the arrival of the cannonball
saw that the cannonball disappear immediately before it hit Star-
Princess and the Comet. And she was shocked and shouted.
' Really?! Isn't the observational equipment out of order?.... '
Captain Coris who was commanding battleship Besbios executed
the re-bombardment at once. But all cannonballs vanished before
they hit.
' Captain! Flagship Chomolungma say that the battleships at the
center of the globular formation will begin bombarding. They tell us
 to take shelter so as not to be hit by ally's cannonball. '
' OK. Left full rudder! Take shelter in the top speed! '
When the force of battleship Besbios on the edge of the globular
formation began to move, the force at the center of the globular
formation where battleship Chomolungma and battleship Annapurna
were the main force began bombarding at once.
' Ah! That's a...... '
On the display of battleship Besbios, Captain Coris and Colonel
Tigris clearly saw the rear view of Star-Princess and Comet. The
Comet skillfully evades the cannonballs which were launched from
the earth fleet like rain. And Star-Princess crushes the cannonballs
in the front with the gravity sword. Then they rush.
' Bravo!! '
Their driving of the space ship and of the sword were so wonderful
that Captain Coris forgot the situation and said so.
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