Being pulled by the huge gravity, L-25 and Piyo-Rina approach the center
of the black hole gradually.
Perhaps, they have been accelerated to the light speed. But they cannot
know how fast they are flying, because there aren't anything with which
they can compare.
' Piyo! ...... What is that, piyo?? '
Soon, they found something which is veiled at the center of the black hole.
' Major Usapi, there is something in front of us!! ' Yu said.
' Pyon.... What is that....? '
Major Usapi watched the strange object hard.
' At the center of a black hole, the time and space are twisted by the huge
gravity, pyon. Possibly, that might be a time-space tunnel which is
 connected to the other time-space, pyon. '

' Wow! Do you say that that's the time-space tunnel??? '
They kept flying more, and someone began to be seen at the other side of
the tunnel.
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