Piyo-Rina and the crew of L-25 (Major Usapi and Lieutenant colonel Yu)
went out from the time-space tunnel. Then...... They have arrived at a
room which they don't know.
' Piyo..... Where is this place?? '
Poporin who was making pictures with the personal computer was surprised
at Piyo-Rina and others who appeared suddenly from the wardrobe, and
jumped as high as his height.
' Wow!! Who are you at all??! '
' Ah, I know them! They are Piyo-Rina, Yu, and Usapi who appear in our tale
Junko's Strange Trip!! '
Yadopi who was considering the story with Poporin was also surprised.
It seems that the time-space tunnel is connected to the making place of
Iyapopo sites of 21st century.
' Oh... The black hole is connected to the 21st century. I'm shocked.... '
' Pyon, You are a different person from Mr. Poporin in the Earth-defending
-corps of 31st century, aren't you? ... Are you making the pictures and tales
with the personal computer, pyon?? '
Major Usapi and others are interested in Yadopi's words, and looked at the
personal computer with which Poporin is making the tale.
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