Piyo-Rina managed to catch up with L-25, and she hold L-25 carefully
in order to stabilize the posture.
( Piyo! Are you all right? )
The voice of Piyo-Rina was heard directly in the brain of Lieutenant
colonel Yu and Major Usapi.
' ?? The Piyo-Piyo robot is talking to us with the telepathy, pyon!! '
' That's right! The science power of the Piyo-Piyo planet is so
 advanced that we cannot imagine..... But, doesn't she fall into the
black hole with us?? '
As Yu worries, they are pulled by the huge gravity, and they seem to
be going toward the center of the black hole, although they tried their
full jet power.
( Piyo, I have ever heard that the center of the black hole is connected
to another dimensional space. If that is right, we could get out from this
 black hole without turning, piyo!)
Around them, many space ships which couldn't get out from this black
hole are drifting.
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