( ..... This is Piyo-Rina 3. Piyo-Rina 7, can you hear my voice, piyo? ..... )
Suddenly, Piyo-Rina 7 who is flying with L-25 at the far space received the
telepathy communication from her sister.
( Piyo-Rina 3.... That's very small voice, but I hear clearly, piyo! )
Piyo-Rina 7 answered with also telepathy communication. Piyo-Rina 3 was
relieved, and continued talking.
( Piyo-Rina 7, listen to me carefully, piyo. Now I'm going to send you the data
of the returning course. So please cooperate with the earth robot, and please
come back to the solar system, piyo. Fuel is not enough, so you have to
jet your rocket at the same time with the earth robot to control your orbit,
piyo. )
( I see, piyo..... I'll try to talk to the robot. )
Soon, the telepathy communication module of Piyo-Rina 7 began to receive
the data of the returning course as many as possible. She wondered how to
communicate with L-25, and she looked into the cockpit.
' Ah! Major Usapi, Piyo-Piyo robot is looking at us!! '
' Yes.... Her eyes are very large and gentle, pyon. What is she going to do? '
Lieutenant colonel Yu tried to ask Piyo-Rina 7 what she is going to do,
and Yu moved her hands variously. But Piyo-Rina 7 who is the robot of
the other planet don't understand the meanings.
' Pyon, I have a good idea! '
Major Usapi displayed a picture on which two persons are talking together,
on the large screen in the cockpit. And he looked up at Piyo-Rina 7.
Blink, blink, blink.
Then, Piyo-Rina blinked three times for them.
' Does that mean YES? ... Do you want to talk with us, pyon? Then, please
look at this picture.... '

Major Usapi displayed a picture on which two persons are shaking hands,
this time. And Piyo-Rina 7 blinked many times, and nodded.
L-25 and Piyo-Rina 7 began to be able to communicate their mind,
little by little.
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