By the way, Major Coo-Pigeon who was chasing Piyo-Rina by the patrol boat
exhausted fuel, and made an emergency landing on the earth. Then, Major Coo
-Pigeon has been invited by Iyan to Iyapopolis.
' Coo... Piyo-Rina, I hope that you'll come back safely. '
At the top of the Peach-Cross tower which is built at the center of
Iyapopolis, Major Coo-Pigeon, commander Iyan, Yadopi, and Ran are talking
for the solution together. Yadopi and Ran have visited Iyapopolis from the
Mars base in order to help Iyan.
' The huge fleets of both space navy are at almost southwestern direction. '
Ran is looking at the far place of the sky through glasses. And others also
did so.
' Colonel Toris in the space battleship Chomolungma reported to us that the earth
fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet are going to help each other in order to save L-25
and Piyo-Rina. '
Operating the small radio, Yadopi reported.
' At the lunar base, all shuttles have been refueled, and Major Meah is standing by.
Mejor Meah seems to be going to take off in order to look for Lieutenant Colonel
Yu and Major Usapi. '
' Pao, we have no method to communicate with L-25 at all now. It seems that Piyo-
Rina can get the information of the returning method. But L-25 and Piyo-Rina will
have to help each other to return safely. Can they communicate to each other?
That is the question, pao! '
' How about the early starting of operation of the electromagnetic fortress which is
being constructed? The sensors of L-25 will catch the electromagnetic wave, and
they will notice that it's some sign from us. '
Ran suggests, and Iyan nods.
' Coo, I have input to Piyo-Rina from the first word. Piyo-Rina is my rial daughter,
I think. Coo. '
Major Coo-Pigeon and others are worrying very much, but white clouds are flying
slowly in the very calm blue sky.
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