At the bridge of space-transporter Andes, Marshal Gohojo and the staffs of the
earth fleet are looking at the displays and are considering, with Lieutenant general
 Pender and Piyo-Piyo officers who have visited to talk about the peace.
' Hum... It takes very long time for the vision from L-25 to arrive at us, because
they are so distant from us..... '
' Pen, if we use the telepathy communication of Piyo-Piyo navy, we can still get the
visions from Piyo-Rina 7, pen. In a hurry, we resend here that! '

Lieutenant general Pender commanded to Piyo-Piyo fleet. And soon, the vision
sent from Piyo-Rina 7 began to be displayed on the large display built in the wall
of the bridge.
In front of the panel on which complex meters are arranged, Colonel Chris and
Colonel Morris are watching the orbit and situations of L-25.
' Marshal Gohojo! The fuel of L-25 remains for only 40% or less, I guess. We should send
the method of returning soon. Otherwise, they'll become not to be able to come back to the
' I see. Colonel Chris and Colonel Morris, please research the course at which L-25
can come back by their remained fuel. As much as possible, use the gravity of the
stars and the planets in front of them! '
' How can we send them the course of returning? ....They are flying at very high speed, so the
electric wave might not catch up them....

Lieutenant general Pender answered the question of Colonel Chris.
' We send to Piyo-Rina 7 by the telepathy communication. For us, Piyo-Rina 7
is our crew, rather than a weapon, pen! Please tell us the methods of returning,
pen.... '
Then, The earth fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet decided to unite their efforts for
the return of L-25 and Piyo-Rina.
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