With the three-dimensional simulator, Colonel Chris and Colonel Morris
are calculating the route at which L-25 and Piyo-rina can return, in the central
command room of the space transporter Andes.
' Hurry up, Colonel Morris! The speed of L-25 seems to be considerably faster than the
speed which we guess...... If the jetting timing is too late, we have to calculate again from
the first step. '

' OK, Colonel Chris. Let's use also the computers of battleship Chomolungma and
battleship Annapurna. I'll try the parallel computation.
Then, the route data which is being calculated is sent to battle-cruiser Piyoler
of the Piyo-Piyo fleet. And in the hangar, Piyo-rina 3 send that to Piyo-rina 7,
using the high power telepathy communication circuit built in her.
' ..... Colonel Chris, if L-25 and Piyo-rina 7 trace this route exactly, they will be able to  return
to the solar system, I guess.
Looking at the line which is displayed on the three-dimensional simulator, Colonel
Morris said, and Colonel Chris nodded with relieved look.
' Yes. The culculation of  the route is completed! .... As long as there is no unknown
black-hole, Lieutenant colonel Yu and others can return to the earth.
.... After she said so, she felt worry about the words of herself, suddenly.
' To make sure, we should ask Piyo-Piyo fleet to show their space map. I think that they
know about deep space more than us....
' I see. Colonel Chris who is the strategy staff, the performance of your worry-circuit seem
 to be higher than mine.
Colonel Morris smiled a little, and she went toward the bridge in order to talk with
Lieutenant general Pender and Piyo-Piyo staffs.
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