' The construction robot L-25, lift off!! '
L-25 left the hangar of lunar base cheerfully, and jets the rocket under
the airframe. Vibrating greatly, L-25 gains altitude gradually.
' .... This machine seems to be a construction vehicle rather than a robot,
doesn't it? '
In the cockpit which vibrates violently, Lieutenant colonel Yu-Otomo
talks to Major Usapi who is operating the control lever in the front seat.
' That's right! L-25 is a manned work cart for the construction of the
lunar base, pyon. '
' L-25 is not armed at all. Are we safe? '
' Let's run away at once after we examine the flying object of the Piyo-
Piyo navy, pyon. L-25 isn't armed, but it's very strong. And L-25 can
fly at the excellently high speed, pyon! '
While flying fast in the space, the change appeared on the radar screen
which Lieutenant colonel Yu is watching in the rear seat.
' Ah! Something appeared on the radar screen.... That's coming toward us! '
' Yes. Let's approach carefully, pyon. '
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