L-25 gradually approaches the flying object which is displayed on the radar screen.
' Yu, that comes into our view! That seems to be a robot-weapon of Piyo-Piyo space
, pyon!! '
' Ah, I see,, The Robot of Piyo-Piyo navy, please stop!! '
Piyo-Rina and Major Coo-Pigeon also noticed L-25 which is approaching them.
' Piyo, piyo?? A somewhat cool robot is coming toward us, piyo. I think that he
wants to play some game together, piyo. '
' Coo! Piyo-Rina, that is a robot of the earth! Take shelter in a hurry, coo!! '
Major Coo-Pigeon worries, and keeps flying around the two robots.
' An urgent report from the lunar construction robot L-25 was received. They say
that they found a Piyo-Piyo robot and a patrol boat at the place near to the earth. '
' WHAT?!! '
When Lieutenant general Pender and Marshal Gohojo received this report in the
space transporter Andes, they were so surprised that they jumped on the floor.
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