In the Iyapoporis lunar base which was built in the Sea of Tranquility,
Lieutenant Colonel Yu-Otomo and Major Usapi are assaying the situations,
 and are talking about the countermeasures.
' Something small was launched from the Piyo-Piyo fleet, pyon. '
Major Usapi is looking at the appearance of the Piyo-Piyo fleet displayed
in the movable console.
' Oh... What is that? The conference has started in the transport ship
Andes, and both Piyp-Piyo fleets - the attacking force and the landing
force - have stopped. I wonder what they launch now. '
Actively operating the console, Major Usapi said to Lieutenant Colonel
Otomo saying suspiciously.
' ..... That cannot be known clearly, but I guess that is a reconnaissance
machine, pyon. Let's launch the lunar construction robot L-25 for the
 caution, pyon. '
' OK. The completion degree of the electromagnetic fortress on the
earth is about 30% now. In this lunar base, there is no strong machine
but the construction robot.... Although L-25 doesn't bear arms, let's
launch L-25 for the scout. '
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