Eject! Piyo!!
When the failure of mission was noticed, the Piyo-Piyo special corps separated the cockpit from the head of Piyo-Rina at a rush, and returned to the mothership on the satellite orbit.
' Well, I also go back to my ship, piyo.... '
Piyo-Piyo space people seem to abandon the earth-invasion, and to leave for long voyage again. When Piyo-Rina are going to return to her mothership, Junko and others let her take a large luggage.
' Yes, see you again! With everyone in the ship, please eat the millet which is the souvenir from us. And you may take deuterium and tritium for the fuel from seawater by the necessity. '
' Thank you, Junko-Heaven... Some day, I'll bring a return present without fail. Piyo. '
Bowing, Piyo-Rina returned to the far sky.
Poporin and commander Iyan talk to Junko who is watching the sunset clouds.
' Wow! I also want to see the activity of Junko-Heaven. Please become Junko-Heaven again! '
' Pao! No, no. Heaven's system uses energy too much. Once the system starts up, the city falls into the power stoppage for a while.'
Junko who is going to cry smiled and said.
' Some day, when the crisis attacks the earth again..... I'll become. Yes! '
The calm night visits the Iyapopolis city that restored the peace.
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