To search for the parameter of Piyo-Rina, Junko Heaven firmly saw her. Then, the inside of the annihilation robot was clearly seen. Moreover, the explanations of each part were also displayed in her vision!
' Junko-Heaven! Now we are transmitting to you the data of the enemy huge robot that is analyzed at the center. The balls on both sides of the head seem to be the main weapon. But we haven't analysed enough their ability. Be careful, Junko-Heaven! '
Junko-Heaven nods to the wireless-reports from the Earth Defense Corps Support-center.
' Thanks! She seems to be a considerably strong enemy... But she has an artificial brain and the conscience circuit, so she might have her own mind. Heaven-Beam could be effective! '
Junko-Heaven decided to become huge in order to fight Piyo-Rina.
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* Annihilation robot Piyo-Rina was designed based on the aesthetic
sense of Piyo-Piyo space people. If the design is interpreted in the
earth style, she will become like the picture below.

' ROBOKON ' by Ishinomori production