The beams which Junko-Heaven and Piyo-Rina had shot at almost the same time passed each other in the sky over the Iyapopolis city. And the dazzling light enveloped whole of the city.
The Piyo-Piyo space aliens are talking to each other in the cockpit.
' Piyo-Rina beam is a super weapon which stimulates the part of enemy's brain where the maternal instinct is controlled, and rouses love, piyo! When Junko-Heaven loses the will to fight, let's kick violently with super firm toe of Piyo-Rina. Piyo!! '
' Piyo! Surely, we'll be able to oppose Heaven-Beam enough with this......  But don't Junko-Heaven and Piyo-Rina come to love each other, and lose their will to fight? Piyo? '
' Do you think that Heaven-Beam could be effective to Piyo-Rina who is a robot? Piyo? '
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