' Let's call Piyo-Rina the annihilation robot into action, piyo!'
' Piyo! We call Piyo-Rina at last.... '
The pinched Piyo-Piyo special corps who were attacked with the Heaven-Beam by Junko-Heaven in the fight of Peach-Cross tower contacted their mother ship on the satellite orbit by the radio. At once, the redoubtable annihilation robot has been sent to Iyapopolis by the teleportation.
The annihilation robot Piyo-Rina No.4: The superweapon
who can dance and sing, and has a lovely orange nib. ]
' Let's board! Piyo! '
Shouting, the two Piyo-Piyo space aliens went into the cockpit on the top of the head of Piyo-Rina by teleportation.
' Check every module, piyo! Main motor, OK. Communication module, OK. Sight, OK. Piyo! '
' Loading, OK. Piyo-Rina has started up! Piyo! '
The energy was charged to each module, and the main computer was started up, then Piyo-Rina began to walk with big yelling that reaches to whole the Iyapopolis-city.
' ..... But, I still throb when I see Junko-Heaven, piyo... '
' It is the influence of the Heaven-Beam. Be steady for brothers who wander about space, piyo. We must never be defeated, piyo! '
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' ROBOKON ' by Ishinomori production