Their white car passed by the telephone box soon, and ran into the Cat-Cry tunnel.
' Wow.... Junko, the air of here is very cold. This place is just like the bottom of a well, isn't it? ' Poporin said.
' ......... '
Neither Junko nor Iyan doesn't answer.
' Wow!? Who... Who are you?? '
Before Poporin is aware, a woman in white clothes is sitting on the seat on which Junko was sitting. It seems that other seats are also  occupied by unknown persons.
' I..... Here, I was run over by a white car, and died. It was very painful..... '
 Poporin thrilled, but he showed courage and talked to the woman.
' So poor. For that reason, blood is flowing out from your eyes, isn't it? But do you have any business to me? '
' You pass this tunnel by white car..... You had me revolted, so I protest against you...... '
' Hum, I'm sorry. Next time, I'll run here by a black car or by a metallic color car. Please forgive me. '
' Poporin, what do you have in your hands? '
 A big owl that was sitting on the opposite side of the woman in white clothes said.
' You... You are Barn Owl who is my classmate! Wow, This is..... This is an eraser.... Why do I have an eraser? '
' You cannot tell the reason why you have it, can you? You must have shoplifted it. '
Poporin was doubted by his friend, and was shocked.
' NOO! I.. I cannot explain, but I have this before I am aware! '
' Poporin... The person who informed my shoplifting was you, I guess. '

' Wow....!! '
Poporin felt shock from which his mind was broken. And he began to cry.
' I'm sorry, Barn Owl! That was me. I wanted to protect you! I was questioned so hard that I had no other way! ... Please forgive me! '
The woman in white clothes and Barn Owl said by a severe tone.
' We'll never forgive Poporin until he gives up beating watermelon. '
' What? ... You are the illusions that Piyo-Piyo space aliens made from our memories, I found! No!! I'll never give up. Illusions, please disappear! Please! '
Poporin closed his eyes, and said as hard as possible.

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