' Poporin! Please pull yourself together! '
Poporin noticed that Junko is calling him, and opened his eyes. There are Junko and Iyan who are looking at Poporin anxiously.
' When we entered this tunnel, the white car disappeared suddenly, and Poporin began to cry something that we don't know.... I was surprised so much! ' Junko said.
' I'm sorry. Perhaps, I was attacked by Piyo-Piyo space alien individually. But now I'm all right at all. Let's chase the watermelon! '
Poporin said cheerfully, but he feels that Barn Owl and others still exist near him. And his mind smarts with pain.
( Piyo-Piyo space aliens are really strong fighters! If we weren't careful, we might be defeated..... )
Chasing the watermelon turtle, they went in the tunnel deeper and deeper.  Then they found that the wall and the floor of the tunnel changed to the soil. The tunnel is curved as dug by the hand, and is thin.
' Ah? A priest is digging the continuation of the tunnel!Does this tunnel end there? ' Junko found the priest.
' Pao! We'll catch up the watermelon! ' Iyan said.
But the watermelon turtle began to dig a branch tunnel, and went into it.
' Wow! The turtle's tunnel is too small for us to enter! It's an uncomfortable situation. ' Poporin said.
' Mr. priest, could you help us to chase the turtle? We have to beat the watermelon by all means! ' Junko talked to the priest.
The priest stopped digging, and calmly turned toward them.
' I have to complete this Blue-Tunnel devoting my remaining life to expiate the crime done by me in the first half of my life. If there is no way to go, you have to dig by yourselves. '
' Hum... In order to defeat Piyo-Piyo space aliens, we have to dig by ourselves, I think. This soil can be dug by the turtle, so that mustn't be too hard for us to dig! ' Poporin said.
They determined, and they started digging the periphery of the turtle's tunnel. Silently, the priest lent them the preliminary hammer and chisel.
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