Before they are aware, Iyan, Poporin, and Junko were driving with a white car among mountains where strange cat's voice was heard. The watermelon-turtle's legs changed to wheels, and the watermelon-turtle is running in front of them.
' Hum... We are running on the right side of the road. In Japan, the cars have to run on the left side! Who is driving this car? ' Poporin asked.
' Pao, Pao! I cannot drive, because I wear the eyepatches. ' Iyan answered.
' Ah! This car doesn't have the steering wheel!? ' Junko said.
The white car seems to run after the watermelon automatically.
' Please don't leave me '
They looked at the rear side, and found that the court noble who changed to a strange monster was running after their car.
' Nooo! My Hina-doll, I'm sorry! Please forgive me! '

' Settle down, Junko! This is Piyo-Piyo space alien's illusion attack! ' Poporin said.
' Pa..... Pa..... Pao! Oh, Nooo! '
Suddenly, Iyan who was hearing the cat's voice began to cry.
' Is... Is here the Cat-Cry Pass!? Noo! I'll go home!! '
' What? Iyan, what's the matter?? '
' Poporin.... Over the tunnel , aren't there a mountain on which a large cat is crying?  '  Iyan asked.
' Oh, yes! A very large cat is crying! ' Poporin answered.
Iyan who is going to cry said.
' Really? Ah, this place is the Cat-Cry Pass to which my senior often took me for testing my courage! '
' Cat-Cry Pass? Well, a cat is crying... Do you dislike a cat? ' Poporin asked.
' .......A ghost appears in the tunnel! When you run at midnight with a white car,  you'll  meet.  There is a telephone box in front of the tunnel, isn't it? They say that you'll hear woman's tearful voice when you use that telephone box..... '
Poporin looked carefully, and found a telephone box in front of the tunnel. It seems that someone is using the telephone box.
' There is somebody..... '
Iyan began to cry for fear.
' This place is considerably far from the town. Do you see a vehicle with which that person came here?! '
' ....... No. '
They thrilled instinctively. Running after the watermelon, the white car approaches the tunnel gradually.
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