' Please stop beating. '

Suddenly, someone talked to Iyan, so he discontinued beating the watermelon.
They turned for the voice, and noticed that an elegant court noble is standing.
' Children, don't bully the turtle. Please transfer the turtle to me. '
' Mr. court noble, we must beat this watermelon for the earth defense. This isn't a turtle, but is a watermelon.....Wooooow!? ' Poporin said.
Surprisingly, now the watermelon got hands and feet, and is crawling like a turtle!
' Oh..... Perhaps, you may be the Hina-doll standing at the left end of five musician dolls which I broke at the kindergarten, aren't you?  I remember you! ' Junko said.
The court noble smiled at Junko gently, and said.
' I feel nostalgic, Junko. You have grown up very much.  Now, transfer the turtle to me. '
' No, Junko! This must be a trauma-attack of Piyo-Piyo space aliens who try to make us to fail the beating of the watermelon! ' Poporin said.
' Pao! Can I remove the eyepatches? ' Iyan asked.
The turtle-watermelon begins to run away in an unexpected high speed.
' Iyan, you cannot yet! To the right. Let's chase the watermelon as fast as possible!! ' Poporin said.
They began running after the watermelon, leaving the court noble.
' My Hina-doll, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..... '
Junko cries while running.
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