' It's too late, Piyo! We have already come here by teleportation.  '
Immediately after the voice like small bird's twittering was heard, the members of the earth defense corps felt dizziness, and fainted at that place. 
' Wow! Iyan, you have to go to the right, RIGHT!
When they noticed, Iyan, Poporin, and Junko were playing beating-watermelon-game at a nostalgic beach
' Mr. Iyan, you've gone too much! A little left, left.... Oh, what?? Why are we playing beating-watermelon-game?! ' Junko said.
' Hum.... Oh, yes! It's strange. ' 
Poporin also noticed the strangeness, and was surprised. 
' Perhaps..... We are being attacked by Piyo-Piyo space aliens with illusion-attack! ' 
' Did they attack us just when they arrived at the Peach-Cross tower by teleportation? ..... It's a surprising quick attack! ' Junko said. 
From somewhere, Piyo-Piyo space alien speaks to them with the voice which is like bird's twittering.
( That's right. Now, beat the watermelon! Piyo. If you fail in beating, we will get the earth. )
' Pao! What happened? I can see nothing at all! '
Commander Iyan who wears the eyepatches to both eyes and holds the stick doesn't see how matters stand, and is perplexed.
' Iyan! keep calm, and beat as we instruct! The illusion attack will also make Piyo-Piyo space aliens spend mental energy considerably, I guess. Please win the game in this strange world, and make them get tired! Iyan, do your best. The fate of the earth is decided by your beating! ' Poporin said.
' Really? I feel nervous. '
Poporin and Junko instructed to Iyan, ' Right ' or ' Left '. Then, Iyan lifted the stick high, and strongly shook it down.
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'ATRAGON' by TOHO 1963