' I understand.... I'll restore your body! But before that, please listen to a bit of my reminiscence.
Just after Star-flower's voice ended, Poporin found that he was surrounded by the deep space.
' Wow? What has happened? '
Now he cannot find Yadopi or Junko who were just beside him.
' Oh, yes. Star-Flower was going to talk to us his reminiscence! Is this the space in Star-Flower's memory? This situation may be experienced by Star-Flower once. '
Nobody answered.
Poporin is drifting in the unknown space, riding on a piece of star dust. There is nothing around him, so he cannot know whether he is moving fast or stopping still.
' .... When my memory started, I was traveling riding on the star dust. I don't know whether this can be called a travel or not.... But I feel that I want to go ahead, so hard! I don't know where this place is, or where to go. But this must be a travel!
If this situation was Star-Flower's real experience, he could be called a born voyager.....  But, frankly saying.....  '
Poporin said, looking at the far stars.
' What a lonely situation this is! '
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