' Don't say such a joke. I'll get angry if you insult me! '
Poporin seems to be so angry about having been made only his spirit, without his consent. 
Junko gets angry too, and said in high voice. 
' Yes! Even if you want to make friends, I am in trouble for having been separated my spirit from my body, and for having been made only my spirit.  ' 
' Oh...  Are you angry...? ' 
' Hum... I want to join the spiritual trip that nobody tried before.... But I understand that Poporin and Junko don't want to go. ' 
Yadopi and Ran came to think that they don't want to go. 
' Well, I don't excuse you for fusing me in your tree without my agreement. ' Ran said. 
' Please understand my mind! There is no other way to talk with you! I want to make friends... ' 
Star-Flower said so, and many large tears began to fall from Star-Flower's round eyes.
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