How long did they keep accelerating?......
' Wow!! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi noticed that the front scenery
seen from the cockpit began to change. And they are surprised very
' The stars are gathering like large ring! What happened....?? '
' Yu, that's a starbow!! Perhaps, we are the 1st earthlings who flew at
such high speed and saw the starbow, pyon. '
Soon, a blue planet which they have ever seen appeared gradually in
front of them.
' ..... Is this planet the earth? We traveled very long distance from the
solar system! Why does the earth appear here?? '
' Pyon... I also don't know clearly, but..... L-25 might be catching up the
solar light which the earth reflected at the ancient era, pyon! '
The mysterious earth is floating in the space like an illusion.
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