L-25 and Piyo-Rina pushed each other at their full power, and they
were accelerated more and more vertically.
' Ah!! Major Usapi, there is a planet in front of us!! '
' That's all right, Yu. We'll manage to avoid colliding, pyon! '
The two huge robots approached an unknown planet, and they were
pulled by the gravity of the planet. Then they were accelerated
further, and they flew at the space at the breakneck speed.
' The speed of L-25 have reached to 0.4 light speed, and they are still being
In the bridge of the space transporter Andes, Colonel Chris reported.
Seriously Marshal Gohojo and Lieutenant General Pender and others
are monitoring the situation with the loaded camera of L-25.
L-25 and Piyo-Rina are being accelerated by the planetoids and
 meteorites more and more.
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