Dr. Moro-O who took shelter to the Peach Cross tower had been cornered, but he was assaying the circumstances very calmly. 
' Am I the last human being?... Do I have no way to do? ' 
There is the electric transporting room in the tower, and the electric transporting machine is acting making a buzz.
' Yes, I have a method! Still I'm able to fight.... ' 
Dr. Moro-O who had hit on the strategy because he saw the electric transporting machine began to operate the machine in a hurry. 
' The electric transporting system that moves people has the mechanism that it stands up to the accidents and the contents of all transporting are preserved.  Even if the person disappears due to the trouble of the communication, the system can revive him from the record
If I can access the record preserved in the server, tens of thousands of people can be revived. There is a chance yet! ' 
He keeps operating the machine, and considers. 
( But when I win Angel by this method, the two same person will exist... They are the original person, and the person who was revived from the record. Difficult troubles will occur..... ) 
The success in the access was displayed on the screen. 
' I have to do it! The problem will be solved by human race's wisdom, I believe. To prevent the human race's extermination, I should do everything possible! ' 
When Dr. Moro-O was going to press the last key, he noticed that something twined around his foot. 
' Wow! No!! '
The vine of Angel that appeared from between the machines starts to unite Dr. Moro-O rapidly. 
' No.... I'll never give up... '
Dr. Moro-O's arm comes not to move easily by becoming numb. But he desperately extended his arm, and pressed the last key.
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