Dr. Moro-O awoke, and found that he is lying on a warm hill resting his head on someone's lap. 
' Where is here?..... Well, here must be the Angel's spiritual space! It seems that I was defeated. ' 
' Meow. Have you awoke? ' 
Although Dr. Moro-O was not able to see the face of the knee's owner, he noticed that it's the voice of Mena
' Mena... I was not able to defend you. I'm sorry.. ' 
Dr. Moho-O tried to get up, but Mena gently restrained him. 
' You had better keep resting for a while. Meow, please forget the fighting, and rest your mind. ' 
As she said, he decided to rest for a while looking at the sky. 
' Here is a place that is brighter than I thought..... Oh! That is.....
Dr. Moro-O was surprised to see the midair-city - which he has ever seen - appearing from the cloud. 
' Commander Iyan, and the City- Construction-Department have built Iyapopolis here again. Meow... That is our new capital, the Angelpolis. There is a Central Hospital in the city, and I am working as a nurse. '
' ...I see. Only the container of minds changes, and human beings are still human beings, you say. But what kind of future do we have? Don't all things change at all? ' Dr. Moro-O asked.
' A little before, the first baby of this space was born in the Central Hospital. ' Mena said.
' Really? Can there be such a thing in this spiritual space? '
' The pair supply a part of their minds, and make them be united. If they succeed in uniting, the mind becomes a new spiritual living thing, and begins to live in this space. Animals, plants, men, women.... all have the spirits, and any spirit can become the pair. But the probability that they unite is very small. ' Mena answered.
Dr. Moro-O looked up at the dazzling Angelpolis, and muttered.
' I understand. The living thing of the earth and the human race weren't exterminated.... "I find my own existence by my thinking. " .... Perhaps, what someone said before might be correct. '
The cloud flies slowly on the hill. 
' Doctor, could you make a pair with me? '
Dr. Moro-O who was a little surprised got up, and saw Mena's face.
' Mena, what do you say suddenly? ... Wow!? '
' Are you surprised at my eyes that aren't the cats-eye? Meow. Here, it is possible to change our appearance freely. Do you dislike me, Doctor? '
' I don't dislike.... But I'm old, and there are many persons who are suitable for you, aren't they? '
' Now we have got the longevity of one billion years. You and I are just the infants at all. If you wish, you can change into a young appearance. Meow..... Do you think that I am a cat? '
' No, no. You are a human being! Here, there might not be such distinction..... Hum, I was defeated, Mena. '
Dr. Moro-O determined. And he prayed for a while looking at the sky. Then his appearance became young soon.
' Meow!  Let's work together at the Central Hospital again! '
' OK. I'll live for one billion years with Mena in this space. '
(( You are so happy, aren't you? Only Mena chums up Doctor! ))
' My sisters are looking at us in the appearance of cats. Sisters, please don't banter. '
' By the way, I operated the electric transporting machine at that time. What happened about it? ' Dr. Moro-O who suddenly remembered that asked Mena.
' That machine is the line for the space fleet only. And it had only the records of Poporin and Junko returning from the Mars-Base. Originally, neither Poporin nor Junko are the people of the 31st century. Because the former Poporin and Junko came to this spiritual space, the new Poporin and Junko have to keep traveling. '
Poporin and Junko who were reproduced from the records was just them of the time when they had returned from the Mars Base. They don't know that they were reproduced from the record, and they boarded the Bra-Usa machine by the instruction. 
Poporin muttered while leaving Iyapopolis. 
' We just returned from the Mars Base. Why does Iyan order us to leave? '
' I don't know. But I hope that Yadopi and Ran will recover soon. ' Junko said.
Bra-Usa machine accelerated quickly, and it rushed into the four-dimensional space.
Several hundred million years later, Angel and Star-Flower will leave the solar system with the spirits of many people, and will start Space Odyssey. But it will be written as another tale someday.
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