' Wow.... '
Surroundings of Yadopi in the dream of Poporin have
lightened suddenly, and a huge space appeared soon.
' Hi, everyone. Welcome! ' Yadopi says.
Poporin found that Junko and others are with him.
' Where is here? .... I am still dreaming, am not I? '
' Poporin, this place is the inside of Angel's mind! Of course, this place is
also the inside of Poporin's dream, and is also the inside of the dreams of all
persons who are united with Angel. It is a united fantasy, and is the spiritual
space that all members share. '
Poporin is surprised to feel warm sunlight and the breeze.
' What a realistic dream this is!  The wind seems to smell sweet..... '
' Here, our senses such as the sight and the aural are completely virtual-
realized by Angel's control.  The difference from the real world is that all
things are achieved if we wish them.
At first, people who came here build huge houses on the cloud, or try to get
so many cash. But soon, they notice that such things are meaningless at all.
Anyway, our lives are maintained completely by the Angel's photosynthesis. '
' Here might be a wonderful place...  I dreamed on the way to here, and began
to think that I may stay here for a long time with Yadopi..... '
' I also dreamed. I think a little that the human race may evolve... '
Junko nodded.
' Now we have gotten the mental freedom, infinite time, and the ideal
coexistence. But what should we do from now? ' Poporin asked.
' Let's Consider, Poporin! Whether this world will prosper or will destroy
itself by the cooped-up feeling is decided by our deliberations. Let's build
the wonderful future together! '
Poporin and Yadopi approached mutually, and firmly shook hands.
' Yadopi, we have directly met after a long time, don't we? '
' Our appearances are virtual reality by Angel, but I'm glad to see you. '
Mena anxiously talked to Poporin and Yadopi who are smiling.
' Dr.... Dr. Moro-O isn't here! '
' Dr. Moro-O succeeded in the escape from the assault-gun carrier,
and is retreating to the Peach Cross Tower. '
Yadopi answered, reading the consciousness of Angel that is shown by
the characters floating in the blue sky.
' Now the assault-gun carrier was broken, so Dr. Moro-O will also come
here soon. You don't have to worry. To prevent him from committing
suicide, Angel is carefully watching. '
Mena and Nya-nya-ko know doctor's safety, and got relieved a little.
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