Poporin is dreaming.
( This is..... This is me. )
( This is young me in blue cravat. )
( My classmates didn't become familiar because of my local
accent of word, I remember... )
( However, I often talked to them, so they disliked me. )
( Although I confessed to the girl for whom I yearned, she did not take
notice at all.  She thought my one-sided talking to be a trouble. )
( I've grown up now. And, I came to be able to associate better than at
that time with others. However, the confrontation of opinion and the
quarrel occurs without fail. )
( It's because it is necessary for us to express true feelings to learn
how to associate. Expressing the real intention each other enables the
compromise and reconciliation. It's the real communications. )
( However, the human race did a lot of wars for a long time by the baring
real intention. Are we gradually learning the method of friendly-living
with doing so? ..... What a waste of energy it is! The human race is
contradicted very much...! )
( Dr. Moro-O said that the competition of each other would give birth to
a lot of value.  Actually, many wonderful technologies arose, but many
many so tragic arms were made, everyone know. Aren't they the results
of the effort for all human beings to live better than others? )
Does human being need energy and the sacrifice for association with
others so much, as long as we are human being? So..., is there really enough
value for balance to the sacrifice in the fact that we are human beings? )
' Hi, Poporin!   Our nerve tissue were connected now.  '
Suddenly Yadopi appears in the dream of Poporin, and cheerfully waves his hand.
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