Junko and others escaped from Mars and reached the high-speed battleship Popolis. Then, they were surprised to see Mars again.
The surface of Mars is covered with a lot of tears which flowed out from Star-Flower's tree in the Mars base, just like an ocean.
' Wow, I'm surprised! In Mars, since atmospheric pressure and gravity are small, water evaporates immediately. It seems that more tears are flowing out from Star-Flower, than they are evaporating! ' Poporin said.
' So great quantity! ....  Is that tear made inside Star-Flower? '
Yadopi asked, and Ran tried to answer.
' Since most of the atmosphere of Mars is carbon dioxide, the material is underground resources, I think. I guess that he is compounding water by a surrounding hydrogen atom and the oxygen which is photosynthesized by himself..... But the speed is so high! '
Junko is watching the point where the Mars-Base is.
' Star-Flower is great. His tears made a sea on Mars! Star-Flower, do you feel loneliness so painful? .... What can we do? '
Poporin climbs the window and is looking at Mars.
' This so much water may change the climate of Mars. '
' What does it become? '
Yadopi asked, and Ran tried to answer again.
' If water is fully supplied, the atmospheric ingredient will be changed.  Living things may become to be able to live on Mars. '
' Yes! When Mars changes so, let's plant flowers in the circumference of Star-Flower. Since he resembles a tulip, we will plant many tulips, many tulips.... '
While Junko is saying so, it seems that the sea on Mars is more expanded.
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