As he worried, all parts of Voyager were thrown soon. Poporin held the last part of Voyager. And he began to beat the rock on which he is standing and to throw the pieces
' It's lucky that I found this method before throwing this last part! After this part is thrown, even if I noticed this method I wouldn't be able to move by myself..... '
After his efforts, Poporin's small star seems to be moving considerably fast
Sometimes Poporin stopped his hand, and watched the direction for which the small star is moving. But he found only Infinite darkness there. 
' It's strange... Our sun must be seen there..... Possibly, is this direction not right? '
He encouraged himself who was likely to despair.
' Our sun may not be so bright among the many stars. It must be still so faraway! I must accelerate more!! '
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