' Now, I know the direction of the earth. But how can I move toward the earth? ....I want a rocket engine. '
Poporin considers hard about how to move in the space.
' Oh, yes! The rocket propulsion! I remember the principle. '
' If I throw the parts of Voyager to the opposite side, this small star will progress to the direction from which Voyager came.....
However, before colliding with Voyager, this small star was moveing. Furthermore, I throw parts by hand. Probably, I have to throw also for these adjustment. 
When I arrive at the earth, I have to slow down by the same method. Do the parts of Voyager have quantity sufficient as fuel....? '
Poporin considered and considered.... then,he began to throw one piece at a time.
' These parts are very precious rocket fuel for me. I have to throw them one at a time carefully! '
Since there is no air resistance in space, the accelerated object is not slowed down automatically.
Poporin threw the parts, and the small star begun to accelerate little by little to the direction from which Voyager came.
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