CRASH! Gaaaaaan.....
Poporin felt the strong shock on his body, and woke up.
' Wow!? What is it? An earthquake? '
He investigated his small star in a hurry, and he found that a strange thing was in the opposite side to which he was sleeping.
' This is..... This is clearly the thing which human beings made! '
Poporin approached it and investigated. And he found the metal plate which minced the explanation and the message to different star civilization on the main part.
' Voyager 1! .... This is surely the planetary exploration spacecraft which NASA launched in the 1970s. I heard that Voyager 1 went to the unknown outer universe, after investigating the planet of the solar system.... '
Poporin looked for cruise record of Voyager, in order to learn how to return to the earth.
' The computer may still be able to be used.... But I don't have a keyboard set or a display! It's impossible for me to read it. '
Poporin is disappointed a little. But he acquired the very big key, and regained courage and energy.
He at least knew that there was the earth in the direction to which Voyager came.
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