Many years and many 10 years... Long long time passed. Poporin was drifting having no way to measure time. He didn't know the reason, but he didn't feel hunger, and didn't grow older.
' OK, I stop being afraid.... I'll associate with the reminiscence of Star-Flower thoroughly.... '
After crying for a long time which we cannot imagine, Poporin opted for preparedness, at last. And he lied on the star dust, and closed his eyes calmly.
' It seems that Star-Flower was a vacuum-dried seed which adhered on the star dust, in this period. '
The star dust under his back was so small, but was the only object except for himself. Poporin cooled down gradually, and he got asleep deeply like a part of the rock.
furthermore some 10 years or some 100 years passed.
' .... Mr. Urashima was inaugurated as the Galaxy federal earth ambassador. He helped rescuing the turtle type spacecraft which fell on the earth...... '
' .... The Cat-Head dark nebula was born in the direction of the Tulip-Nebula! Caution! .... '
The magnetic ingredient in the rock has reacted to an analog communication electric wave slightly from the long distance of the universe.
If Poporin was awake, he would be surprised and say ' It's like a radio! ' But he was sleeping without noticing the slight information.
Then, when that object approached silently he didn't notice at all.
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