' Mr. Poporin, Mr. Poporin! Are you all right? '
' Wow... Mama? I've been born now... Mana! '
' Ah! Poporin, It seems that we have been saved!! '
Yadopi who woke up first noticed that they have come back to the Mars base.
' First lieutenant Spiral, have you saved us? '
' Yes. When I was waiting in Turtle3, I received strange sound like chirping of a little bird by the radio. I worried about you and came, then I found you having united with the tree.... In a hurry, I shot the root with the tachyon particle pistol, and you recovered vitality! '
' I see.... Star-Flower said 'You can restore the body,' I remember. '
First lieutenant Spiral disconnected them, and they have come back from the strange time trip. Junko, Poporin, and Ran who are asleep will wake up soon.
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