Poporin, Junko, and others were traveling the history by only their spirits, leaving their real body in the Mars base, after they united with Star-Flower's tree. 
Now the Minus-time rejuvenated their spirits, so their figures which are made by their imagination were rejuvenated disorderly. 
Poporin, Junko, Yadopi, Ran, and Star-Flower were returned to some cells, and are drifting in the waves of time which is just like amniotic fluid. 
Soon, their cells will return to only one cell. And when they separate into a sperm cell and an ovum cell, they will disappear as an individual. There is little time before their spirits' disappearance.
( .... All is over ....
Poporin's remaining small spirit is thinking at intervals. His situation is hopeless, but his small spirit is filled with hope for the future and with satisfaction, and feels happy
( .... It's so strange.... Why do I feel happy before disappearance? .....
At the same time, Junko's cells are filled with happiness. 
( ... What is this feeling? Oh, yes... This is my memory that I felt when I was born in the real world. Do my cells remember the feeling? ...... The life is pleased with having been born itself......
It is an absolutely perfect and overwhelming happy feeling, and they felt the impulse to start running and to utter a big voice. Then, they were numbed gradually. 
While the cell decreased, the reason which fears disappearance also disappeared, and only the overwhelming happy feeling increases more and more.
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