' Oh, yes! Poporin's clothes are made by imagination of the real clothes which Poporin was wearing in the Mars-base. In this ship, they are the nearest objects to the Mars-base of 30th century! ' Star-Flower said. 
' What are you saying? What can we do?
Poporin asked in the voice of a chick being just born from an egg. 
' I'm going to try to connect the clothes to the space-time of the Mars-base 30th century, by my imagination. If I could do it, please call your friend who is waiting in front of the Mars-base by the breast-radio. And, Please ask him to disconnect you and my tree! 
I've already become a seed, so I don't have arms or legs now. Poporin, please turn the switch on! When I lose my leaves, I'll not be able to imagine. Hurry up! ' 
With hard efforts, Poporin climbed the radio which has become taller than poporin now. But the switch is so hard that he cannot turn it on. 
' Oh no! Yadopi, come here and help me, please. '
' Daa, da, da! '
' What? Yadopi, can't you speak? Do your best. Power does not go into my hands..... Have I lost my muscles? '
Poporin and Yadopi who already became embryos rode on the switch, and the switch turned on sometimes momentarily.
' First lieutenant Spiral! This is Poporin! Help! Help us please '
' Da! Da! '
' Pi, pi pi pi ? Pi pi, pi..... '
Poporin found that he also has become not to be able to speak words, and was disappointed.
All of them cannot keep their imagination, so the Kettle-ship and Poporin's clothes and other things began to lose their outlines.
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