' Minus-Time? What is it? ' Poporin asked. 
' Simply saying, it's the situation in which time flows reversely from the future to the past. Our Kettle-ship has gone back in the time for about 3000 years, but if the time in this ship went back for the same period, we all will disappear at once
The time in this ship has been controled by my strong imagination, and has been made the same as the time in the Mars-Base. ' Star-Flower said. 
' Wow.... Then, do you say that the time in this ship started to flow reversly by Ran's imagination?! ' Poporin was shocked.
Also while they are talking they are becoming young rapidly. 
' Wow! I have already become a chick! ' 
' Hi, Poporin. Yadopi is hungry.... What? Oh, no, no, no... What am I going to say??? ' Yadopi has become small child so quickly that he seems not to be able to keep ordinary thinking. 
Junko has already become a 5-years-old or 6-years-old child. 
' It's so serious! Ran became a quite baby. If this pace was continued, we would disappear after about 10 minutes! ' 
' Ah... Ah... I... am... sorry...
Ran has become a baby, but she seems to keep adult thinking, and she is trying to apologize as hard as she can. 
' We can travel the time by our imagination, so can't we stop the Minus-Time by our imagination? ' Poporin asked. 
' We cannot imagine without being controlled by the Minus-time, now. ' Although Star-Flower is already a bud, he continues thinking as calmly as he can. 
' Junko's clothes became small like her body. This is because she imagined the clothes are just fit to her body when she made them..... But Poporin's clothes didn't become small! Why? Ah,  I must think and know. I must save my friends from disappearing! ' Star-Flower continues thinking.
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