'Hi, everybody! Please look at me.'
Poporin and others looked toward the frolicking voice, and found a smiling girl with glasses. She seems to be a schoolchild of elementary school.
' Wow! Who are you? When did you come into this Kettle-Ship? ' Poporin asked.
' Aren't you......  Aren't you Ran? '
' What? Ran is over 20 years old, we know!  '
Junko and Yadopi have been confused.
' Hahaha! Junko changed her clothes by her imagination, we saw. And I thought that I can change my age by my imagination. '
' Nooooo! It's too dangerous! '
' Surely, you can become young by your imagination. But it generates the Minus-Time! The time in the ship will flow to the past, and we might become young too much and might disappear! ' Star-Flower was shocked.
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