The trip of Kettle-ship continues again.
' By the way, Himiko is so cute and natural, isn't she? ' Poporin said.
' Yes, I also think so. As for her, a shrine maiden's white uniform matches well. ' Yadopi agreed.
Poporin and Yadopi talked about Himiko so much that Junko was a little irritated.
' OK! I'll teach you that I am also cute and natural, if you didn't know! '
Junko shouted so, and made the suits of Rose-Knight by her imagination suddenly.
' This sacred Rose-Knight sword is so sharp! '
' Oh! Her skin is completely covered, but she's so sexy! ' Yadopi surprised.
' I'm sorry, Junko! You are the champion, I understand! Since we understand, please store the Rose-Knight sword. ' 
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