' Wow! Now, let's go back to our history, rapidly. I want to check various mysteries by my eye. ' Poporin said.
' You are not used to a time travel. So please make a vehicle by your imagination.' Star-Flower advised.
' Oh, Yes!  I want to make a time-machine which is like the Adamsky-UFO. ' Yadopi smiled.
Poporin and others imaged, and their images mixed.... then, a time-machine has appeared gradually.
' Wooow! What is this? A raccoon dog has been mixed. It looks like the Bunbuku-kettle in Japanese fairy tale! Who imaged a raccoon dog? ' Poporin surprised.
' I'm sorry. ' Junko said.
' By chance, the raccoon dog occurred to my imagination. Once it occurred, it's hard to disappear, isn't it? This raccoon dog is so cute, I think. I name this ship the 'Kettle-Ship.'
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