The injury of Junko and Poporin recovered completely, and the day when they leave by BURA-USA, has come.
' I heard that the Mars base will be abandoned although it is regrettable. The science power in the 30th century cannot win Star-Flower.... There is no other way. That strange tulip has still grown in Mars.
By the way, was our trip actual? Weren't all the hallucinations which Star-Flower showed to us....? '
' No, Poporin. We went to the end of the universe together with Star-Flower, by imaging-power! That is the proof! '
' Wow! He is Star-Flower.... Star flower whom we can see only by our spirit is shaking his hand, I can see clearly! '
' Yes, Poporin. We can believe, I think. The imagination has so big power exceeding the end of the universe! '
The strange trip of Junko and Poporin continues.
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