After running away from the dark nebula, the giraffe-ship has come to the bright place from the dark space suddenly.
' Wooow! What happened? ' Poporin surprised.

' We broke through the end of the universe, I think. ' Star-Flower said.
Yadopi surprised and jumped.
' Unbelievable! The universe is limited space. However, since it is expanding at the velocity of light, we cannot know the outside, I thought. '
' Now, we have only our spirits, so we can move faster than the light. ' Ran looked at the outside of the round window, and agreed.
' Ok, but..... What a strange place! I don't understand well...'
The universe in which Poporin and others existed looks like a large sphere being carried by a turtle, elephants, and snakes, over the sea of cloud.
' I don't understand too. Probably, the energy beyond our understanding will look like such a form. ' Star-Flower guesses.
Junko remembered something, and said.
' This scenery is just like the pictures of the world about which ancient people thought, I think. Did somebody come here before....? '
' I don't know. But the dark nebula seems not to be able to come here. Now we are safe. ' Star-Flower said.
They are watching their universe quietly.

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